US Visa Application-US Visa Bulletin seeks Social Media details

US via “US Visa Application Policy Change 2019” Wants Visa Applicants to Submit their Social Media Details

US Visa Application Requirements
The US demands Visa Applicants their social media details

US Visa Application requirements seek Social Media Accounts names, emails and phone numbers under usage.
According to the state department regulation; All the people with a wish to apply for Visa will have to give their social media details from the last five years.

The proposal was presented last year. And, the authorities extracted that it will affect 14.7 million people annually, applying for US Visa 2019 to onward.

  • There are different types of visa in the US. Like;
    .US Visitor Visa
    .American Study Visa
    .USA Work Visa
    Visa policy change 2019 will affect Visa applicants accordingly.


However, according to Visa bulletin, 2019 predictions certain diplomatic and officially Visa applicants are exempt from these type of policies. But, those who are willing to study in the US or travelling for work will have to give their information surely.

According to the department;

“We are perpetually operating to search out mechanisms to boost our screening processes. To safeguard U.S. citizens whereas supporting legitimate travel to the united states.”

Previously, the people who had been the parts of some terrorist groups or in link with any illegal activity were only required to give such things. But, now it is for all belonging to any country in the world.

“Anyone found to hide social media account details and activities or found to speak lies would have to face serious consequences,” Said Officials.

Trump’s administration in March 2018 proposed these types of rules and regulations related to immigration for the first time 

Meanwhile, according to the American Civil Liberties Union that is working for civil rights;
“There is no evidence that this type of social media monitoring would be found effective or not.”

Hence, it will affect people all over the world waiting for the US to travel. Therefore, It will make the people to self scrutinize and censor themselves online.

During the election campaign in 2016, US President Donald Trump had this type of key points to carry out. And, this thing made the American Nation vote him.

Talking to media on Friday, President of America Donald Trump vows to impose more tariffs. To summarize, Trump wants to curb Mexican illegal immigration from the US southern border.

These type of policies will surely have its own implications. It will affect people all over the world who are in wait to travel to the US.

Already US policies are strict. And, students who wish to study in the US have to face many hurdles to get US Visa.

More, it will motivate other countries to update their immigration policies too. They will also apply these type of rules and regulations.

It is somewhat against the will of any person as Human Rights Rules don’t allow anyone to interfere in the privacy of people.

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