Sania Mirza Tennis Star Congratulates Pakistan’s Cricket Team

Sania Mirza after winning the match by Pakistan Cricket team entered in the swamp of congratulations to Pakistan’s Team.
Pakistani Cricket Team played a match under ICC World Cup with West Indies and summed up a disappointing defeat on Friday, 31 of June 2019. Pakistani team scored 105 runs playing 21.4 overs and all the team was out.

Whereas, for the West Indies, it proved a very easy target to achieve these limited number of runs. West Indies Team played very well and achieved the target within 13.4 overs scoring 108 runs with a loss of three wickets.

West Indies won this ODI match ( 2 of 48) with 7 wickets.

It was a very teasing and unprofessional performance by the Pakistani Cricket Team. And, Everyone was very disappointed. However, some fans chanted slogans against the players when the team was rushing out of the Playground.

Whereas, yesterday Pakistani Cricket team came back with strong nerves and played fantastically. For instance, when Pakistan’s cricket team scored 348 runs with the loss of 8 wickets, everyone got shocked watching an unpredictable performance by the team.

Pakistani team gave a big target to the England Cricket Team to achieve. England cricket team also tried its best to achieve the target. But, unfortunately, the England team could only score 334 runs with the loss of 9 wickets.

It was the sixth ODI match of 48 England vs Pakistan, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 and Pakistan won this battle with a remarkable comeback.

On winning this match there was applause for Pakistan’s Cricket Team from fans of cricket all over the World.

Celebrities were also there to applause Pakistan by using their social media accounts.

Sania Mirza Tweets:

At the same time Sania Mirza who is tennis star of India and the wife of Pakistan’s cricketer Shoaib Malik tweets as:
“Congratulations to Team Pakistan on bouncing back the way they did and being as unpredictable like it always is !!! @cricketworldcup got more interesting than it already was 😏😀”

However, Before this she was :
“How can you not love sport ?! Amazing and most unpredictable .there are no ‘favourites’.. you are only as good or as bad depending on how you play on that given day.. period!! the @cricketworldcup has come alive!! 👀”


Pakistani Cricket team has always been unpredictable. The fans of cricket always say that Never underestimate the capabilities of Pakistan’s team. Therefore, the proof of this saying is here!


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