Prophet of Compassion Muhammad, the Greatest man of History!

Prophet of compassion Muhammad(PBUH), the greatest man ever in history was full of kindness, benevolence, and patience. He(SAW) was compassionate towards everyone and told to be kind. His(SAW) teachings are the real light for every Muslim and Non-Muslim.

The last Prophet and messenger of Allah sent to the earth for the guidance of human beings to worship only one God who is Allah Almighty is Prophet of compassion, Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH). Muhammad(SAW) is the real Prophet of Compassion on the earth ever in history. He was much compassionate not only with the poor, the needy, the downtrodden, the suppressed and the people under cruelty like the slaves but was also compassionate for the animals. He (PBUH) always taught humanity, not to put the burden on animals more than the animal can afford.

Allah Almighty in His Holy Book Quran says:
“O Messenger of Allah! It is a great Mercy from Allah Almighty -the Lord, that you are polite & kind toward people; for, had you been harsh and hard-hearted, they would all have broken away from you” (Quran 3:159).

Prophet of Compassion for Humanity

Muhammad(SAW) always stood for the rights of human beings. He (PBUH) was the first who raised voice and guided humans to not to kill humans even in the war. He(SAW) even provided instructions and ordered fighting Muslims not to destroy crops, not to destroy wells, not, to kills young, women and the olds during the war but the opponent fighters and the enemies of Muslims.

During the whole of His(SAW) life, He (PBUH) taught this lesson to the people to learn humanity practically and Himself(SAW) proved it with many examples during His(SAW) life.

Prophet of Compassion for Animals

Prophet Muhammad(SAW) being the greatest Compassionate for animals once said:
“May the curse of Allah Almighty be on who treats an animal harshly”

Prophet and the last messenger of Allah Almighty were so compassionate for the animals. History is replete with many examples when Muhammad (SAW) the greatest man in the history and the greatest compassionate for the Humanity and animals fought and taught for the rights of animals. He (SAW) told Muslims not to keep their animal hungry, not to put on burden more than the animals’ capacity to withstand.

Once a person was with his camel overloaded, He(SAW) strictly ordered to not overload language-less animals. He(SAW) was equally compassionate towards all kind of creature in the universe. Allah Almighty Himself praised Hazrat Muhammad SAW for His kind behaviour.

Prophet of Compassion for Non-Muslims

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) advised Muslims not to kill any non-muslim without any cause and solid reason, and the reason should only be related to Allah, not for personal gains and benefit. He(SAW) said don’t kill anyone, and told not to convert any non-muslim into Islam by force or by terrifying. His(SAW) teachings always taught to behave nicely and even said to behave more nicely with non-muslims.

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