PM Imran Khan US visit, Imran Khan wished to stay not in expensive hotels

US officials are concerned that the US Embassy has informed the Prime Minister that Pakistan wished to stay in their residence of the official 3-day visit in the US embassy rater than in the expensive hotels

Imran Khan US visit will reduce the cost of trips to stay at the ambassador’s residence, the civil administration, including the agencies of the United States, has opposed this wish.

Imran Khan Visit to US
Imran Khan Visit to US_Photo Instagram

Prime Minister Imran Khan arrives in Washington on US intelligence agencies will assume responsibility for their security and civil administration that will assure that his visit to Washington traffic is not affected.

Meanwhile, in the diplomatic enclave of Washington between the city centre ambassador’s residence in the United States, and around the embassies of several countries, including India, Turkey and Japan, while Brazil, United Kingdom and South Africa Embassy also not far from this enclave Is.

Prime Minister Imran Khan in his US visit, will meet with various US officials during his visit to the United States, legislators, media and think tank representatives.

In the embassy residence for those meetings is not enough space, so you have to meet the Prime Minister of Pakistan Embassy to your guests for their meetings on the busiest highway in Washington.

The American President Donald the few accommodation Trump family of the ambassador’s residence and set up the embassy, ​​however, difficulties in the coming several ambassadors, including other residents of closed roads during the 3-day visit to Pakistan will.

That we stay in this situation the Heads of the States hotels because there are special arrangements for the V-VIPs, the most popular Willard Intercontinental hotel is a short distance from the White House these hotels Four Seasons Hotel is in the other, Georgetown Hotel and Ritz Carlton Hotel Washington DC while.

However, those who want to reduce their costs toward Main Park Marriott also stay at the hotel is very close to the embassy, ​​VIP section separately for which there are a lift and entry and exit points in all hotels.

In the US agency that helps to protect your guest However, if Imran Khan would they leave the hotel richest Pakistani immigrant households in the US can also stay.

All houses have high walls and go to Washington, but the morning is easier to secure them and will also be easier to meet the Pakistani embassy.

However, it is a headache that comes from the wall of the embassy Israeli embassy in high-security zones for US intelligence agencies.

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