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Whatsapp your message to Prime Minister Imran Khan Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan is waiting for your kind and harsh messages to be answered live by him himself

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday, June 3, 2018, will be live in a program with Senior Journalists panel, Arshad Sharif, Kashif Abbasi and the Bureau Chief of ARY News Sabir Shakir.
This question answer panel named as, “Vision Pakistan with PM Imran Khan” will be live on ARY News network.
at 07:03 pm.

From the time Imran Khan came into power every person of the country is watching the movie of Imran’s working. Prices of almost all things have been increased. Taxes have been increased. Stock Exchange Market is facing difficulty. Every Pakistani is keeping an eagle eye on the Imran’s performance.

Here, using the platform of “Vision Pakistan with Imran Khan”, Imran Khan will answer the questions of people from all over Pakistan and to the overseas Pakistanis too.

After coming into power by winning the election of 2018 and taking the oath, it is the first time that Imran Khan will be answering to the questions of Nation and the Journalists. It will be the first time that any Pakistani Prime Minister will be talking to his masses directly. Now, any citizen from any area of Pakistan can question Imran Khan.

Questions that can be asked can be…What is the economic condition of the country? What about the high flight of Dollar as compared to Pakistani Rupee? How Imran Khan will increase the reserves of Pakistan? How Imran Khan will deal with foreign debts to be paid.

PM Imran khan waiting for the messages to be asked

Now, you can message on Whatsapp on Whatsapp No+92317-2737188 and get the answers of your questions regarding the economy, dollar increasing rate, budget, devaluation of Pakistani Rupee, Social issues, violence, poverty, police system, tax collection and how Imran Khan is going to make this Pakistan strong?

How Imran Khan will collect tax from the masses of Pakistan that are not paying tax to the Government?

Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan who got power after winning the election of 2018, was with the slogan that he will make Pakistan by collecting tax from the Pakistanis.

Imran Khan during his election campaign in 2018 many times raised voices that many people of Pakistan do not pay tax. An, He, Imran Khan, will collect tax up to 5000 Billion Rupees.

Adding to it he used to say that how will he collect so much amount?… “I will collect this amount just like I collected a huge amount for the Shaukat Khanum Hospital and Numl University.”

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4 months ago

I live in France last 40 seat was cancelled 2 my seat were done on 7_08_2020. My returning was very urgent. Please give me information.

Mahmmad Anwar
Mahmmad Anwar
4 months ago

اسلام عليکم مجھے بلديہ گوجرہ اپنی مارکی جو کے النخيل کےنام سے بنا رھا ھوں جس کی فيس 5400000بنتی ھے دينے کو تيار ھوں مگر کرونا کی وجھہ سے سعودی ناجسکا ميں ان لوگوںسے 6ماہ کا وقت مانگ رھا ھوں کہ 6 ماہ بعد آپ کو 25% ادا کر دوں گا اور باقی 75% ايک سال ميں ادا کروں گا اس کام پر سارا پيسہ سعودی عرب لاياھوں بينک کے ذريعہ مجھے 6 ماہ کا وقت ديا جاۓ

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