Pakistan World Cup 2019 vs World Cup 1992-Amazing!

An Unpredictable team repeating its old stories of World Cup 1992 in the recent World Cup 2019

Pakistan, in past with having strong team, have won the battles of games. Team Pakistan won the ICC Cricket World Cup 1992. Pakistan World Cup 2019 matches are also thrilling like they had been in 1992.

In 1992, Imran Khan was the captain of Pakistan Cricket team who is currently (2018-2023) Prime Minister of Pakistan. Imran Khan at that time lead the team and grabbed the Cricket World Cup. This was the first time when Pakistan was able to surpass.

For now, the situation seems very interesting. At one side Pakistan loses a match with India as it happened in 1992 World Cup and on the other side Pakistan is found defeating the un-defeated cricket team of New Zealand. It has created a craze in the minds of fans of Cricket.
Pakistan ICC World Cup 2019

In ICC World Cup 2019, Pakistan lost its first match and won the 2nd Match. The same situation is happening in World Cup 2019. In the third Match, there was no game on that day because of rain. Similarly, in World Cup 2019, Pakistan had to face result un-announced draw. On 4th and 5th  game again Pakistan lost in 1992. However, Pakistan cricket team excelled in 6th & 7th match and grabbed the victory again. This whole story is getting a repeat this time.

There is parallelism between the records of World Cup 1992 and 2019 with respect to Pakistan’s Cricket history.

Pakistan Cricket Record, 1992 vs 2019

Pakistan in ICC Cricket World Cup -1992 vs 2019

This parallel story of Pakistan Cricket Team of 1992 and 2019 has created an optimism, especially in the minds of Pakistanis. Pakistani Cricket fans are hopeful that their team is again going to repeat its past and World Cup 2019 belongs to only Pakistan this time.

Actually, New Zealand is the top favourite team in the recent ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.No one team could defeat New Zealand in any match in ODI World Cup 2019, whereas Pakistan Cricket team defeated New Zealand likely it defeated New Zealand in past.

In the environment of fights among different Cricket Teams of the countries, there is one team that is well known as an unpredictable team. That team sometimes is found to down the strong rivals and some time is found to be beaten up by a very weak opponent team.
It has always been hard for the analysts to put a strong point in favour of the team that it will win with will-power.

That team is Pakistan’s Cricket Team. The Pakistani Cricket team is really interesting sometimes if its bowling is going good it fails in batting line. Same, if fielding line is found strong it loses its strength to handle the two.

In past, this team has been very strong. And, its players were also very strong. But today’s players no doubt are also strong but the lack of seriousness and motivation is causing them to lose their performance.

This time as ICC Cricket Tournament is on the way to its Semi Final. Some strong teams are opponent to each other and are very near to enter in the semifinal round. But, here again, Pakistan Cricket Team has created suspense in the Cricket World Cup.

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