Naltar Valley Travel Adventure, A Paradise in Pakistan!

The amazing Naltar Valley travel adventure witnesses that “Naltar” is really a paradise in Pakistan. Naltar Valley – a lush green place at 9000 ft above sea level. The Naltar valley is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions valleys in the world, in the North of Pakistan, located near other enchanting valleys of Hunza, Gilgit, and Nomal. Naltar Valley has incredible raw beauty with picturesque mountains between Hunza(Karimabad) and Gilgit – the central city. Naltar is a bunch of beautiful natural forests with mountains, lush green grass spread over, with different types of native fruit trees. This theatrical scenery you’ll never find anywhere in the world.

Naltar is almost 40km from the central Gilgit City of Pakistan off of the Karakoram Highway. Whereas from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan Naltar valley is approximately 554km, and it takes 13 hours to travel to the Naltar valley. Every year thousands of tourists come to Pakistan, and the Naltar is always on their travelling list.

Gilgit Baltistan is the fifth province of Pakistan and “the doorway of the world” due to CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor). Gilgit is also well known for its tall and crystal mountains as “The Township of Mountains” in the world.

The climate of Naltar Valley GB Pakistan

The Climate in Naltar Valley varies seasonal variations; however, the weather in Naltar Valley remains moderate during summers. In July-August temperature in Naltar reaches a maximum of 22 ° C. If you’re looking for great days to spend holidays, come on and stay in the Naltar Bala area or lakes of Naltar valley because it remains more cooling than the other regions even in the hot summer.

Snow-fall History of Naltar Valley

Naltar valley in winter appears fully covered with snow as there is constant snowfall in winter in Naltar. Winter is just amazing when you enjoy pasta, walnuts, chilgozas and other dry fruits in warm blankets sitting in the hotel in Naltar in front of iron stoves burning with natural coal and wood.

Months of SnowfallSnowfall (per week)*Snowdays(per week)*
December 4 cm 1.5 Days
January 8 cm 2.4 Days
February 8 cm 2.3 Days
March 8 cm 2.2 Days
April 2 cm 0.6 Days

Best Tourist facilities in Naltar Valley

The government of Pakistan has a particular interest in spreading its tourism, and for this government established many beautiful, well-furnished, and near to spot rest houses for the tourists rushing to visit the Naltar valley of Pakistan. You can go to the GBPWD Rest House that is the oldest rest house here in the Naltar valley; you can reserve booking and stay here for days and enjoy the natural glamour of Naltar valley.

Some other rest houses like FCNA, GB Scouts and PAF also have their own rest houses, where you can stay after booking. Booking can be made online and on the spot too. They’re made to serve the purpose.

Moreover, there are also many private accommodation facilities in the valley where you can stay. Are you looking for private accommodation? Sure, Mehmaan Resort is the largest and the best private accommodation facility in the valley.

Food items in the Naltar Valley

Villages around the Naltar valley are famous for their local fruits, and you would really love to taste and pack some of them in your bag to carry back as a souvenir from the Naltar town. You will relish with apples, apricots and cherries; in dry fruits, you will discover chestnuts, almonds, and walnuts, etc. Village people of Naltar love organic food, so you will have a good time with Desi dishes and cuisines.

Many farmers and the natives also serve with the pure milk and cream charging you just a few rupees (Pakistani Currency). This milk and cream are much delicious you will really enjoy and remember forever drinking this milk.

Naltar Wildlife Sanctuary

To secure and preserve wildlife in the valley, the government created a Naltar Wildlife Sanctuary on November 22, 1975. This Naltar Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of almost 67,230 acres (27, 206hectares). Two other adjoined protected areas with Naltar valley are Sher Quillah Game Reserve (SQGR), and Pakora Game Reserve (PGR). In this way, the total area occupied becomes almost 120 000 acres (50,000 hectares).

Snow Leopard in Naltar Valley Pakistan, Courtesy:

The government established this sanctuary to provide a safe zone and habitat to the creatures – wildlife found in Naltar valley. Hunting has been banned in the valley, and many different species are safe and secure now. Such as Markhor – the National Animal of Pakistan was in danger to extinct but now Naltar Wildlife Sanctuary officials continuously keep an eye on the hunting and other illegal activities of other wildlife.

Wildlife in the Naltar includes Ibex, Markhor, Snow-leopard, Beech Marten, Foxes, cats and Brown Bears, etc. Wildlife Sanctuary here in Naltar manages the food for these animals and provide rehabilitation to injured due to any misadventure.

Fantastic Flora & Fauna of Naltar valley

Naltar, along with its magnificent mountain scenery, is home to a wide range of wildlife such as the Markor, Snow Leopards, Brown Bears, Grey Wolves, partridge, ducks, Red foxes, Beech Marten, Alpine ibex, and the Leopard cat.

A small number of Astor markhor lives here in Naltar Valley of Gilgit Baltistan. Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan, an endangered species of wild goat also lives in reserve. According to the official documents from the sanctuary department, it is confirmed that about 35 bird species do exist there in the sanctuary, Brooks’s leaf-warbler.

Some beautiful flora found in the Naltar Valley can make you joyous, with their unique fragrance and colours like, Lilies, Roses, Pansies, Pine, Willows and fir trees. They’re found in abundance and are amazing.

National Skating Championship

The Winter Sports Federation of Pakistan (WSFP)  every year organizes a National Skating Championship competition in Naltar Valley Gilgit Baltistan. Prominent international skaters from across the world participate in the National Skating Championship held in the beautiful valley of Naltar Gilgit Baltistan.

Naltar Valley Gilgit Baltistan

Naltar Peaks: Lush & tall snowcap mountains

Mehrbani Peak or Palo Peak is the Naltar peak with a height of almost 5640m (18503.94 ft). Whereas another peak “Shani Peak” is on the south of Naltar valley, west of Snow Dome and northwest of Mehrbani Peak. This peak is also famous with its name as the “ Khalter Peak.” Shani Peak ranges almost 5,029m in height and along with its flows, a glacier “ Shani Glacier.” Parent range is the Karakoram Range. There are land-scapes and slopes in the Naltar.

Lakes in Naltar valley

Naltar Valley is full of surprises. Naltar is home to three magnificent lakes that are collectively famous with name as the “Bashkiri Lakes” or “Naltar Lakes”, reachable by 4×4 jeep from Naltar village. In winter, there is much snowfall here in these lakes and becomes somewhat difficult to reach; the route remains blocked by up to 15 feet of snow.

The most prominent colours in these lakes are blue, green, and surprisingly, yellow, a colour that can never be seen anywhere in the lakes. It’s a unique quality of these lakes that attract tourists from all over the world.

Naltar Lakes or Bashkiri Lakes are awe-inspiring lakes, at a distance of 13 Km from Naltar (Bala). And Naltar-II exhibits variations in its colour from aquamarine to Azure. Naltar 3 provides you with spirit rejuvenating scenery and colours in the lake.

Your first sight of Satrangi Lakes will surely leave you awestruck. The three lakes of Naltar Valley are collectively known with their name as Bashkiri Lakes.

1.Rainbow Lake ” Fishy Lake ” (Naltar Lake-I)

Rainbow lake is also famous with the name “Fishy Lake,” Lake at an altitude ranging from 3050–3150m. Naltar 1 is clear as crystal. The Rainbow Lake is situated at a distance of approximately13 kilometres (08 miles) from Upper Naltar (the Naltar Bala). It takes about an hour of travelling on unmetalled roads to reach Rainbow Lake from Naltar Bala.

All along the route-side, which is a dirt track, glacial streams reflect the seen flowing across the verdant valley floor. Owing to the ample vegetation, these are ideal grazing grounds, attracting Gujjar nomads who travel here with their cattle to grow them up and earn money; you can enjoy pure milk and butter from them buying that.

2.Blue Lake or “Blue Star Lake” (Naltar Lake-II)

Blue Star Lake is the marvel of nature! Blue star lake is the second beautiful lake in Naltar Valley, and the distance between Rainbow Lake and blue star lake is approximately 1 Km from the North of Rainbow Lake. Its water is unique with its unusual colour, full blue colour mesmerizes hearts, and heart dances with the natural beauty spread all around. More, Blue Star Lake is a deep lake than Naltar-1 Lake.

It takes only at a drive of 10 minutes from Rainbow lake to Blue Star Lake. The lush green carpet of grass and algae adds to the beauty more and more.

3.Bodroko Lake “ Pari Lake” (Naltar Lake-III)

The third lake is known as Bodroko Lake, which means a dusty black lake. Badroko lake, located at a distance of 15Km from Naltar Bala, is at the top of Kottay. Kottay is the name of a place covered with mountains.

Culture and Language of Naltar People

Naltar Valley of Pakistan is enriched with pure culture with its unique history portraying its past and present in such a beautiful way that one after visiting it can never get himself/herself out of the blushing scenes witnessed in the Naltar.

Two languages that natives are master in are Shina and Gujjri. However, they are also master in their National language, Urdu – as the national language of Pakistan is Urdu.

International ski slope

Naltar Valley also serves as the primary facility for the Ski Federation of Pakistan, and Gilgit Baltistan has been recognized as the international ski resort. Every year thousands of tourists and ski professionals rush to the International Skiing competition in Gilgit Baltistan. This International Ski Competition every year starts in February.

Naltar hosted the “2016 Karakoram Alpine Ski Cup” in 2016. The Valley of Naltar has equally potential like Malam Jabba Ski-resort – another ski resort in Pakistan in the province of KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa).

Naltar Hydropower Project

To fulfil the power requirement of the area as well as Gilgit, the Government of Pakistan, with the local government, launched and constructed a hydropower plant in the valley near Naltar Pine. This project has been given name “Naltar Hydropower Plant-IV (operational since October 2007)” This hydropower plant is generating 18MW of electricity.

Naltar Hydropower Plan-IV has been combined with two already existing hydel power plants; Naltar-I and Naltar-II generating 2.28MW of electric energy combined. Two other Hydropower Projects, Naltar-II Naltar-V and I, are two other Hydropower Projects under construction by the government that will create electricity of capacity 14MW.

Calmness and the health healing resort

Naltar Valley starts blooming to the peak at the end of March after removed, covered with snow. Naltar is a blessing of God for the people of Pakistan as it is enriched with matchless beauty spread around. Once you get to enter into the Naltar valley, you are in a natural paradise on the earth. It’s much more fascinating scenery than Switzerland and other places of tourism. Here, there is much calmness with chirping birds, sweet cool breeze, and dew drops.

Nightingale bird adds to the beauty of Naltar when she sings songs and responds to the whistling of tourists continuously in such a fantastic rhythm.

Chairlift in Naltar Valley-the longest chairlift in GB

Pakistan’s highest Chairlift is installed at the Naltar resort. As thousands of tourists move to Naltar, it was necessary to show them the beautiful panorama of Naltar from the top. For this purpose, local administration installed a chairlift “The Ski Chairlift” in 2016 that is now open for the public as well as for the international tourists. The Ski Chairlift of Naltar is the biggest chairlift in Gilgit Baltistan (GB) as it covers 1.5 KM long distance to view.

Literacy rate in Naltar Valley

In the past, the Literacy rate was low in Naltar, and it was neither their trend to get education nor the government’s priority to uplift the condition of the valley due to negligence. But, for now, the situation is different. Natives of Naltar have realized the importance of education, and the literacy rate noted is 94%. There is one primary school “ Gov. Naltar Primary School” where current enrollment is 100% for boys and girls; it’s 89% according to the school and local administration. The government of Pakistan is taking steps to increase education and tourism in Naltar.

Naltar Valley Hotels

There is a list of the best hotels in the Naltar Valley that the Univales team found during its Naltar Valley travel adventure, these are fully furnished with all facilities for tourists.

  1. Naltar Palace Hotel
  2. Naltar Hilltop Hotel
  3. PWD Rest House
  4. Mehmaan Resort

You can also stay in government made rest houses that are:

1.FCNA Rest House
2. GB Scouts and PAF Rest House

Hotels outside of the Naltar Valley

1.Serena Hotel
2. Hikal Guest House & Restaurant

Naltar River in Naltar Valley travel

There is a long Naltar River in the Naltar valley that runs alongside the road where 4×4 vehicles can move. Usually, people stop at zero-point at a little more than an hour from Nomal town but the real adventure of the valley starts ahead, beyond zero-point as you travel on the path of rocks & stones, mud & water with a thick forest & torrent but a very attractive river.

Naltar Bridge

There is a beautiful Naltar bridge in Naltar Valley. This Naltar bridge is over the Naltar River and serves to cross the Naltar River for the tourists and the natives. This bridge is not so strong which is why it is advised to cross the bridge, not in a big gathering.


Every tourist’s journey to Naltar Valley travel adventure begins with leaving behind the Karakoram Highway(Main Highway to Gilgit Baltistan) at Gilgit for an adventurous two-hour jeep ride. You can’t drive a car for the next two hours travelling as the road you’ll be moving on is although metaled, but at patches, it is uneven, bumpy and somewhat arduous track. So for your convenience, it’s guided to move on the Jeep. Those who’re familiar with the hidden beauty, and they know how to feel charmed can easily explore how much paradise is the Naltar valley on earth bestowed from God, Allah Almighty.

Univales Recommended Gear for Naltar Valley Travel Adventure:

  • Trekking boots/Joggers/Comfortable Shoes/Slippers
  • Water bottle
  • BackPack
  • Fleece/Sweaters
  • Torches with extra batteries
  • T-shirts for day trekking
  • Socks, preferably woolen (4-6 pairs)
  • Muffler (Must Keep with you)
  • Gloves (Must Keep with you)
  • Beanie (Must Keep with you)
  • soap/Handwash or a sanitizer, wipes, and toothpaste.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun-Block

Road conditions in Naltar Valley Travel Adventure

The road that leads to Naltar from the Gilgit is mostly metaled. However, from Naltar (Pine) to Naltar (Bala), you will experience some bad patches of roads that are unpaved and uneven narrow. These, Naltar Bala and Naltar Pine are the two villages in Naltar valley. Naltar Pine is at a distance of approximately 34 kilometers & Naltar Bala at about 40 kilometers from Gilgit. The road to Naltar Lakes is about 13 Km distance from Naltar (Bala) of Naltar Valley Gilgit Baltistan.

During your whole journey in GB to Naltar valley, you’ll be travelling alongside streams, rushing downwards from neighbouring mountains covered with snow that sometimes melts in summer. Roads get jam-packed in winter as it is found approximate 15feet of snow on the streets. From Naltar Pine onwards, as the way is somewhat tricky and unpaved at some patches, you must travel hiring a jeep of size 4×4, because your own vehicle may not withstand and absorb the shocks due to bumping and jolts on the unpaved & even road patches. But, for an expert driver and traveller, it’s nothing complicated, even travelling with his/her own vehicle.

Activities in Naltar Valley Travel

The resort hosts National Ski Championships, international Ski Championships, Ice hockey & Snow-boarding competitions. There are the following activities you can enjoy during your Naltar Valley travel adventure:


You know skiing is an action of travelling over the snow with one foot over some material that is narrow and long. This game is played over snow or Ice. There are many types of skiing, skiing events are sometimes organized over the straight snowcaps or icy grounds. In contrast, sometimes, these competitions are arranged over the Icy slopes of mountains and hills that are much more exciting and thrilling as it is adventurous than on the straight icy grounds.

Naltar Valley has remarkable potential for Skiing competitions which is the main reason people and competitors of skiing arrange many skiing competitions here in the Naltar Therefore, every year, the Naltar valley attracts a large number of people(tourists) for skiing from all over the world. Due to many land-scapes and slopes, Naltar offers skiing.

The Shah Khan Ski Slope here in the valley offers one of the best skiing facilities in Pakistan.
Mountaineering, Trekking, and Hiking: Interestingly, Naltar area is ideal for the competitions and self mountaineering, trekking, and hiking for the players and lover of these types of activities.


Alongside lakes and mountains, you can enjoy camping, being a traveller I enjoy much camping at the top peaks of mountains, snowcaps and the green patches. You’ll also enjoy much here in the valley.

Here is Uzma Yousaf – the daughter of Pakistan, upon whom whole Pakistan feels proud. She is a famous and the first female Pakistani mountaineer who completed her Naltar Valley travel adventure. Uzma visited Gilgit Baltistan and there she made a record climbing 7027m high Spantik Peak (Also known as Golden Peak), Spantik or Golden Peak is a high and beautiful peak located in the Nagar valley of Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan.

Naltar Valley Travel Adventure
Uzma Mountaineer, The first female mountaineer of Pakistan, Courtesy: Uzma


You can enjoy boating in Naltar Valley, many natives are there with boat expert in running boats in the Lakes. You’ll see many people having fun with boating. You can also enjoy that, especially boating in Satrangi lake is awful. I love boating personally and would like to highly recommend you too. Naltar Valley travel adventure will keep you active forever.


Naltar is a beautiful and amazing place for hiking. It’s snowy and Icey long tracks over the mountains are well structured and suited for the hiking purpose. Many Hiking contests are organized here. However, most organizers are tourists from all across the world rushing to enjoy the beauty and nature spread there in Pakistan.

You can Enjoy hiking here with much enjoy and with tracking watch to count your timings.

The Route to Naltar Valley

Air Route from Islamabad to Gilgit and then to Naltar

Distance between Gilgit and Naltar valley is 50 km, and if you have a plan to reach the Naltar valley by air, it will take almost 1 hour & 30 minutes (90 minutes). Via this route, you’ll firstly reach Gilgit, and then Naltar. Here’s the complete guide!

IslamabadGligitNaltar Valley

Islamabad to Naltar Valley by Road Route-1

Distance between Islamabad – the capital of Pakistan and Naltar is about 548.4 km that will take almost 13 hours & 8 minutes. Via this route firstly you’ll reach Gilgit and then from Gilgit to your next journey to Naltar. Relatively, short path but opens only in summer. Here’s the complete guide!

IslamabdIAbbotabadBalakotNaranBabusar PassChilasGilgitNaltar Valley

Islamabad to Naltar Valley by Road Route-2

It’s long-distance via road as compared to the route-1 from Islamabad to Naltar, where it takes approximately 13 hours & 52 minutes. Relatively long path but remains open all across the year. Here’s the complete guide!


IslamabadAbbotabadBeshamChilasGilgitNaltar Valley

It takes the route from Islamabad to Abbottabad to Besham to Kohistan to Chilas to Gilgit to Naltar Valley, relatively, long way but remains open all across the year.

The temperature Variations in Naltar & Best time of visit

[table id=5 /]

Early summers are the best time to visit the beautiful valley of Naltar. The best months to visit the Naltar are May to September, but mostly families rush in Naltar to spend holidays even in June, July and August too. Snow melts in the summer season. Jeeps are the best vehicles to cover the distances during Naltar Valley travel adventure. Therefore, you are safe from landing into marshy lands (these areas are not marchy, but due to sow melting sometimes seems like that) occurred from snow melting.

However, this temperature table has fluctuations in its recordings with the passage of time, so you’ve to keep the latest updates with Univales.

The religion of people living in Naltar

The people living in Naltar are Muslims, they are very optimistic, and welcome the tourists warmly coming across the globe. They believe in one Allah Almighty and the last Prophet of Allah and the most compassionate man ever in the history Muhammad(SAW). They respect other religions.

Music & Culture of Naltar people

Naltar is famous for its unique folk dance, and music. Many folk dancers and musicians play in the Naltar valley amusing the tourists. They demand nothing, it’s up to you, whether you help them or not. Mostly tourists help them for providing real amusement and fun along with introducing the pure culture of Naltar.

Gilgit Baltistan Environmental Protection Agency (GB EPA)

In Naltar an environmental protection agency works to keep the environment safe and secure. However, they also guide the tourists not to throw wrappers or bottles in the Lakes, on the mountain peaks or anywhere else at the Naltar Resort. Please don’t throw bottles and other waste things everywhere, instead put them into the dustbin installed at different points. It can save you from legal action, and this act will also testimony you a civilized, sensible, and educated. Naltar Valley travel Adventure was really the greatest experience of our team to visit in Pakistan. Arrange Naltar Valley Travel to enjoy adventures. Thank you.

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