MDCAT Test Preparation 2019, Best plan

MDCAT Test preparation 2019, needs a very planned strategy to excel

The hottest and tipping question in every mind who want to be a doctor these days is How to do MDCAT Test Preparation 2019? Yes, Read these inspirational things!

MDCAT is the abbreviation of Medical and Dental College Admission Test.
UHS conducts this test to give admissions to new students who want to become MBBS Doctor in Punjab, and other Universities give admissions via NTS test.

This MDCAT  Entry test is held and managed by the University of Health Sciences (UHS) every year in the month of August or September.

Thousands of students participate in the MDCAT Entry Test preparation. However, only a few, that includes almost 36,000 are able to get admission in the Medical Colleges and Universities.
While Others have to face demise.

But, following a well-planned strategy, a mediocre student can excel and show a better result than other students. Here are the catching, and main points every student should follow:

1. Manage Time Table

For MDCAT Test Preparation 2019, The first and foremost duty of every student who wants to be a doctor near in future is to manage his/her time.

Proper management of time and study schedule is as vital as the air for life, for MDCAT students.

Therefore, Make a schedule of the study. Give proper time to all books daily and never leave any. It will not only give you courage but satisfaction as well.

2. Avoid Social Media

Avoid Social Media. Don’t spend too much time on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat and Skype etc.
Don’t watch TV, films, movies and dramas for 2-3 months during the preparation of MDCAT exam.

Because all this will waste your time.

3.Primary Focus on Books

Don’t follow helping books. MDCAT test is all related to your book topics. Thoroughly read each and every sentence of the books.
Write the equations of the Chemistry to memorize and solve the MCQs related to physics. Biology and English are just to memorize.

4. Daily solve MDCAT Past Papers

Manage time to daily solve all the four sections of the MDCAT past papers. Also, solve practice MSQS as much as you can.

So, It will bring satisfaction, confidence and concept in your mind to appear in the test.

5. Daily Pray

Daily pray five times a day to seek help from Allah Almighty. Because It will give you more power and belief.
And, Allah Almighty helps His(saw) followers for sure!

6. Never get disappointed

Never feel exhausted or disappointed during the MDCAT test preparation. Because MDCAT test is all about ‘Nerves’. Those who do not get tense and prepare for the test gradually but regularly get succeed. Just like slow and steady wins the race!
Do slow but steady preparation.

                                                                                         ———Good Luck————-
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