India Stop Genocide & Free Kashmir, Banner hovers over stadium

Free Kashmir is the viral slogan and the basic demand of Kashmiris people who are facing the tyranny of the Indian Army

Saturday match India vs Sri-Lanka was the match of Free Kashmir Banner! India occupied Kashmir decades ago and started to kill people of the Kashmir in order to dumb the movements in Kashmir and make the Kashmir Indian part.

But, from day one, bold and brave Kashmiris took a stand against India and raised voice at National and international level to get help. Free Kashmir is the slogan of Kashmiri natives.

They want free movement, free will and free environment to have linked with either Pakistan or India by vote. Instead of this, the Indian Army is doing genocide of Kashmiris Muslims to down the population of Kashmir and raise Hindus.

Justice for Kashmir
Banner flies over Stadium with Hashtag “Justice For Kashmir”__Photo SS/DAWN

UNO also has passed a resolution against the brutality of India in Kashmir and supported the voting in Kashmir, that the people of Kashmir should decide where do they want to go. They should be given free hand to choose either Pakistan or India.

When movements of free Kashmir are ON, and the activists are warm, the two small planes also aided the movement of Free Kashmir. Yesterday, during a match between Sri Lanka vs India two small planes hovered over the Leeds Stadium.
Planes were with a banner with hashtag #Justice For Kashmir & also, #India Stop Genocide and Free Kashmir!

During the recent two decades, India has killed more than 70,000 innocent Kashmiris. In spite of resolutions passed for the favour of Kashmiris, there is no proper solution to this problem.

People of Kashmir have to face hurdles created by the Indian Army in every field of life for them. Students have to face criticism and misbehaviour in colleges and universities. This is creating the situation more and more worst.

Therefore, Kashmiri Movement of freedom in on the peaks now and India has arrested their leaders and activists. They are put behind the bars in Sri-Nagar and other jails in Kashmir.

Kashmir is bleeding and still waiting for justice. And, they came up with Free Kashmir Banner. This free Kashmir banner has inclined the attention of people.

Watch Video of Banner Hovering:

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