How to learn English easy and fast at a beginner level

How to learn English easy and fast at a beginner level

To learn English easy and fast at a beginner level, you need to follow the guidelines quoted here by Univales thoroughly. You all know that English is the most prominent language is has become an international language today. Learning English Langauge, just like the natives speak, is super easy if one follows the rules and guidelines accurately.

If you don’t speak, read, write and understand the English language, then you’re living in a world of blinds. Without English language skills, you can’t go out of the cage just like the frog in a pond – where frog considers the pond as the whole world and thinks there is nothing outside there. But it’s not true. Although the frog is not blind with eyes, it is blind by the mind. Similarly, learning English will bring you out from the self-created cage in just one or two specific languages you’re expert or fluent in.

Here’re some crucial guidelines for you if you are a beginner at learning English. Please do read complete and follow them strictly otherwise Univales gives you no guarantee of your success.

Have a clear goal with clear Vision

For learning the English language, you should be with some clear mind and a clear purpose. Think with a positive mind and forget your past how much your English was terrible. It’s a new journey for you guys so, and please overlook the bad past, STOP! We are not telling you to forget the English you learned before; we are requesting you to forget the lousy past – how people mimicked you, how your class-fellows laughed on your bad English speaking, reading, listening or writing. Set a proper goal for learning English easy and fast at a beginner level. In your goal, you should set the time span in how much time you’ll learn English and reach your goal.

Read Basic Spoken English book

Then, you should read the basic spoken English language book, including simple sentences. This book should keep those sentences translated into English that you regularly speak in your daily life in your native language. Even though you don’t know English but Univales recommends you first go for it and read spoken English book. It will open your mind and will make you have the confidence to learn English. Daily read almost 10-20 sentences and practice, memorise, speak and write them. Buy some good basic spoken English English form Amazon or your local bookstalls.

Once you completed your basic spoken English book, you will find yourself different from your old version.😃

Learn English Phrases Instead of English Words

After learning the basic Spoken English book, your next goal is to learn the English phrases instead of words. It will make you speak lengthy tales and stories in just simple or one sentence. Learning English Phrases is easy. You need attention to your daily work. Learn at least 5-10 phrases daily. Read, write and speak these phrases loudly and try to use them and mixup in your speaking.

Learn English Verbs and meaning

Your next goal is to learn English Verbs and meaning. Now you will be thinking, what are these verbs? Don’t worry; verbs are the actions we do in our daily life, like eating, drinking, listening, speaking etc. These all are verbs. You should buy a book containing verbs and meaning in your native or national language. This book will help you to learn the daily actions in English. When you are going to listen to music, your mind will think its verb and so on.

Some are helping verbs: is, am, are, am etc. You will also learn these during learning verbs of English Language.

Learn English Sentences Rules

Then your next goal is to learn English Sentences Rules. These rules are must for you to write and speak English properly. Learning the English sentences will make you use the sentences you learnt in your basic spoken English book, and phrases, verbs and helping verbs that you learnt before.

English Sentence learning is also easy, it just needs your dedication to learning! Buy a good book to learn the English Sentences rules, then follow these rules in your sentences while you’re writing.

Watch English Movies, learn English Langauge

Univales then guides you to watch some of the best and comfortable English Movies from Netflix or youtube or in the cinema in your country. No doubt, in the beginning, you will not understand the movie’s script and the whole film. But don’t stop here, you are advised to watch videos daily or set some gap between two movies according to your choice. Watch funny shows in English, and one day you will be super fast in learning and understanding the English Language in English Movies.

Read English Newspapers

You should daily read just headlines of some good English Newspapers. Reading just headlines will make you understand how newspapers cover the whole story in just words and sentences. It will broaden your mind and give you confidence.

Reading English Newspapers is essential for you to learn English because newspapers are covering everything. In everything it comes, business, education, shows, music, politics, international relations and everything.

Univales about English Learning

We hope our this piece of how to learn English easy and fast at beginner level helped you. Keep in touch with us to learn more. Our great writer composed this article for you all beginners who himself taught English to a lot of students. To help, guide and provoke you to learn English this featured piece is for you. You’ll find many blogs about How to learn English easy and fast at a beginner level, but you’ll find this piece a super piece!

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