How to get a US Visa: Complete Guide, apply & Requirements!

Hope you searching for, how to get a US visa: … Sure, it’s straightforward. If you are going to work in the US temporarily, being a nonimmigrant, it’s necessary for you to follow the rules & regulations of immigration law. Often those who want to work in the US need to file a petition; this job either you can perform yourself, or you can hire an agent who will do all of your documental work for applying. Please Keep in mind before applying for the visa; it’s must get approval from U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

These applications for H, L, O, P, and Q visas should have approval from the USCIS on their behalf. To fill the petition form, click below! It’s necessary to fill this petition form before applying for a US visa at the US Embassy or Consulate. Form I-129

After approval of your petition, your employer or agent or you will receive a Notice of action. It is the Form I-797. This notification informs you that your request has been accepted and approved by the USCIS.

This notification form you will keep with you during appearing for the interview. The counselor officer will require this form from you and verify the approval of your petition through PIMS that is; “The Department of State’s Petition Information Management Service.”

You’re required to bring Form I-129 petitions’ receipt number during an interview at the US consulate or the embassy where you appear for the interview. Embassy or the consulate verify your petition’s approval.

Approval of the petition doesn’t mean that the embassy is guarantying for the issuance of the visa. You can be ineligible if you don’t fall under the eligibility criteria for the Immigration policies.


1.Visa for Speciality Occupation(H-1B):

H-1B visa is for those traveling to the US after doing a professional degree and coming to perform a professional job in the US. This is called an H-1B visa.

Requirements H-1B Visa:

  • You Must hold some professional bachelor’s degree like MBBS, BS, Undergraduate, Bachelors or Masters degree in any field of studies.
  • USCIS will verify your degree, whether your degree falls in the specialty occupation and whether you can perform services.
  • Don’t apply before confirmation of your job in the US. Your employer must file an application that is “Labour Condition Application” with the Department of Labour. This application will be concerning the terms & conditions of its contract with you about the job.

2. Visa for Treaty-Based Temporary Work (H-1B1) 

Treat-based temporary work visa (H-1b1) is only for temporary work in the US. However, keep in mind that only Chilean and Singaporean can apply for this type of visa. They are the principal applicants. However, their spouses & children can be (Nationals) from other countries all over the world. Free trade agreements signed with the Singapore and Chile governments allow qualified/eligible Singaporean and Chilean citizens to work in the US temporarily under certain circumstances.

Requirements for H-1B1 Visa:

  • Applicants should already have a job offer from the employer in the United States only in the chosen work area.
  • The applicant for the H-1B1 visa doesn’t need to fill Form-129. This petition form is for the Non-immigrant workers for getting Notice of Approval, but Singaporean & Chilean don’t need to fill it. If you belong to these two countries, you don’t need to get Notice of Approval Form I-797, before submitting an application for the Visa.
  • However, the petitioner needs to file an Application for Foreign Labor Certification with the department of labor before applying for the visa.
  • For more information about the Temporary Visa, Click Here.

3.Visa for Seasonal agricultural workers (H-2A Visa)

The H-2A allows US employers and farmers to bring foreign nationals to the US to fulfill the demand of laborers for the farming jobs, for which the US labor or workers are not available. Non-immigrant classification rules will apply to you if you’re willing to perform some agricultural jobs in the US temporarily.

Requirements for H-2A Visa:

  • Your employer in the US ( That can be any association, company, or any person) must file a non-immigrant petition form Form I-129, on your behalf.
  • Receipt of this petition form will be asked during your interview at the embassy or the consulate for verification. You need to keep that receipt with you before appearing for the interview.

4.US Visa for Skilled and Un-skilled workers (H-2B Visa)

H-2B is also a temporary or seasonal job visa for those who’re coming to the US for performing a job, the filed in which there is a shortage of labor in the US.

Requirements for H-2B Visa

  • Your employer should obtain a certificate from the “ Department of Labor Certification,” which confirms that yes, there is no petition of the US worker for the employment you have petitioned for.

5. The US Visa for Trainee (H-3 Visa)

H-3 is for those who want to travel to the US to get training from an employer belonging to any field, but it shouldn’t be graduate education or training.

You can get paid for your training and the “ hands-on” work you’re authorized to do. However,

  • This training can’t provide productive employment.
  • This training can not be given or available in your home country.

6.US Visa for Dependents (H-4)

H-4 Visa is for those who are dependents of you(Like, spouse, & unmarried children under age 21) but only if you are the principal holder or valid H-Visa. Getting an H-4 visa doesn’t permit your spouse and children to work in the United States during their stay in the US.

7.Visa for Intra-Company Transferees (L-1 Visa)

L-1 Visa is for you if you are an employee of an international company, and the company is transferring you to a parent branch of the company, affiliates, or any subsidiary of the same company here in the United States. It does not matter whether the company is a foreign organization or US-based.

Requirements for L-1 Visa:

  • It’s a must for you be at a managerial or executive level in the company, or you have as much knowledge based on which you are sure to get this type of position in the same company before applying.
  • And, You must’ve been employed outside the US with some international company continuously for one year within the three years preceding your application for entering/admission into the US.
  • You can apply for an L-1 visa only when your US company or its affiliate has received an approved petition Form-129 from the USCIS on a “blanket” or an individual basis.

8.US Visa for Dependents (L-2)

Just like an H-4 visa, your dependents can also apply for the L-2 only if you are the principal valid L-visa holder. In your dependents, comes your spouse and unmarried children under age 21. However, unlikely to H-4 visa, getting L-2 Visa permits your spouse to seek employment authorization. However, it does not permit your children to work in the United States.

Requirements for L-2 Visa:

  • Your spouse must enter the US getting his/her L-2 Visa.
  • Then, submit a wholly filled Form I-765 that you need to obtain from USCIS, paying the application fee.

9.US Visa for People with extraordinary Ability ( Class O)

Class O Visa is for those who have some remarkable ability in any subject or the field of science, arts, business, education, and athletics or any other extraordinary achievement in television production.

10. US Visa for Artists, Entertainers (Class P)

Class P visas are for those who are coming to the US for performing in concerts or events, like athletes, entertainers, artists, and essential support personnel.

11. US Visa for International Cultural Exchange Program (Q Visa).

Q Visa is for those who are traveling to the United States to participate in an international cultural exchange program. In this program, you can get practical training & employment, sharing the history, culture, and traditions of your home country.

Requirements for Q Visa of USA

  • You need to file a petition on your behalf to the USCIS by the program sponsor. It must be approved by the USCIS first.

When to Apply for the USA Visa?

The U.S. Embassy or Consulate may process your H, L, O, P, or Q visa application up to three months (90 days) before the beginning of your employment status, as noted on your I-797.

Documents Required for the US Visa Application

  • For Visas; H, L, O, P, and Q
  • Submit one Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application form(DS-160). Want more information about the DS-160? Visit this page by clicking here.
  • A valid passport for travel to the United States. The validity date should be at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the US. However,(Country Specific Agreements may provide some exemptions).
  • If more than one member is included in your passport, each desiring person must apply separately.
  • Bring with you one passport size photo that should be “2” x “2” (5cm x 5cm). Want more information about the photo format? Visit this page by clicking here. These photos must be freshly taken within the last six months.
  • Keep with you a receipt of the fee paid for the processing of a nonimmigrant visa, with showing payment of non-refundable USD 190. The processing fee is also payable in the local currency. Want more information about the fee, and additional visa issuance reciprocity fee? Visit this page by clicking here.
  • For L-1 applicants on a blanket petition, you’re required to must pay a fraud prevention and detection fee. For more information about this, click here.
  • Receipt No. of your approved petition form I-129 and paper copies of the Form I-797 is not required at the interview.
  • Last 10-year Travel History.
  • Keep with you a list of your all siblings and children.
  • An appointment letter that will confirm that you’ve booked an appointment.
  • You may also bring all other relevant supporting documents that you believe can help with the provided information to the consular officer of the embassy or the consulate.

How to Apply for the US Visa?

Step..1 First of all, get a Nonimmigrant Electronic Visa Application form (Form DS-160)

Step..2 Just go to pay the Visa Processing Application fee.

Step..3 Then you need to schedule your appointment. For scheduling, you need to visit the page by clicking here.

Note: For Scheduling an appointment this information is necessary;

1. Your Passport No. 2. Visa Application Fee receipt No. 3. Ten digit barcode No. from the Confirmation page of your Form DS-160.

Step..4 You need to visit the official page of the US Embassy or Consulate on the day, date, and time of your interview for the visa.

Keep with you a printed copy of your appointment letter, DS-160 confirmation page, one recent ( Can be the last six months old but not more than this time) passport size photo. Note: Applications for the US visa without these documents will not be accepted.

Supporting Documents for the US Visa application:

  • In addition to the items presented above, you can also show an interview appointment letter. This letter will confirm that yes, you’re the right person who booked for the appointment through this service.
  • You are allowed to bring any other relevant and supporting documents to the consular that you think can help you as a reference to the provided information.

Some Important Cautions!

  • Do not show false documents Fraud or any misleading behavior can cause permanent your ineligibility to get the US visa. Please keep in mind your information will be kept in privacy by the consulate and the US embassy. Be confident to provide accurate information.
  • Keep in mind, consular officer and the officers in the US embassy check each application separately and consider your cultural, social, professional, and other all factors during jurisdiction. They can know about your specific intentions, family condition, and your plans and prospects with your home country.
  • The consular officer examines each case individually under the Law.

Instructions, If you’re applying for the first time!

For those who are applying for the first time for US visa should not following instructions:

  • Keep documents with you as evidence for your job qualifications and any other University diplomas.
  • Original employment letters that you received from your previous employers. Also, keep with you the invitation letters showing your duration of work, and position/status of your working with those employers.
  • If you’re currently an H-1B status holder, please go and payslips for the current years’ calendar & the Federal Tax Returns (IRS Form 1040 & W-2) of all those years in which you worked here in the United States.
  • Bring with you the most recent payslips.
  • Names and phone numbers of the managers of those places where you’re working currently or worked before the current job or before applying.
  • Keep with you your resume or CV, showing your Name, objective, Qualifications, ability, and the history about your working in the past and recent.

Advice for Dependents before applying

  • Note that your dependents should keep with all those documents that are necessary to bring for any nonimmigrant.
  • For your spouse, it’s mandatory to keep an original marriage certificate with her and for unmarried children under age 21, an original birth certificate.
  • For spouse, it is must bring the payslips of her husband/wife working in the United States on US H1-B Visa with all Federal Tax Returns for all the years he/she is working in the United States.

Do you want more Information about H, L, O, P, and Q visas? Kindly visit the official web page of the Department of State for Temporary Workers. Good Luck!

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