Highlights India Vs Afghanistan World Cup Cricket Match, 2019

Highlights India vs Afghanistan! India vs Afghanistan Cricket match held yesterday, and both the teams played well on Rose Bowl Cricket Ground in the UK.
This was the 28th of 48 ODI match under ICC World Cup 2019. India has a strong team, whereas, the Cricket Team of Afghanistan is moderate. Therefore, India played well in this Match. But, at the same time, Afghan Team gave a full tough time to India from batting line.

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Cricket Match Toss

The toss of this match went won to India. And, India After winning the match toss decided to Bat first. Virat Kohli who is the captain of Indian Cricket team decided to Bat first and gave the bowling side to Afghanistan.

Cricket Match Summary

India on batting first scored 224 runs with the loss of 8 wickets playing 50 overs. Whereas, Afghanistan could fight up to 49 overs and 5 balls. Afghanistan Cricket Team scored 213 Runs with the loss of the whole team.

Highlights India Vs Afghanistan

                                                               Indian Cricket Team

                                            Batsman                                                           Bowlers
                                         Virat Kohli                                                     Muhammad Nabi
                                                   67(63)                                                               2/33(9) 

                                       Kedar Jadhav                                                Gulbadin Naib
                                                  52(68)                                                                2/51(9)
                                        K. L. Rahul                                                     Rahmat Shah
                                                 30(53)                                                               1/22 (5)

                                                               Afghanistan Cricket Team

                                        Mohammad Nabi                                              Mohammad Shami
                                                     52(55)                                                                   4/40(9.5)
                                         Rahmat Shah                                                    Yuzendra Chahal
                                                    36/63                                                                     2/36 (10)
                                            Gulbadin Naib                                                  Jasprit Bumrah
                                                     27/42                                                                     2/39(10)

Result: India Vs Afghanistan ODI

India won this ODI(28/48) ICC Cricket World Cup match with 11 Runs.

Player of the Match

After, India vs Afghanistan Cricket Match Jasprit Jadhav was declared as the player of the match. His overall performance in this match is as 2/39 (10) 1* (1). He is the fast bowler of Indian Cricket Team and BCCI. His specializations are also in spin bowling. Therefore, he is the fastest bowler of India He plays for the Indian National Cricket Team in all formats. His bowling speed is very fast that ranges 140-145Km/Hr and got two wickets in this match. He got the wicket of Afghan National Cricket Team captain Gulbadin Naib.

Jasprit Jadhav
Jasprit Jadhav Fast Bowler_Univales
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