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Harappa Pakistan
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Introduction About Harappa, Pakistan.

Harappa(ہڑپّہ) Pakistan, is a famous archaeological site in Pakistan in Punjab province. The nearest city to Harappa Pakistan is Sahiwal with a distance of 25 Km (about 15 miles). During the times of Indus Civilization, between BC 2600-1900, Harappa was the central hub of all the cities in South Asia covering almost 385,000 square miles. These days were the heydays of Harappa territory.

Near to Harappa is the Ravi River. The civilization of Harappa all started from the bank of Ravi River. In ancient times when people had not enough water, and the traditional way of getting water was either from rivers or the dug up water wells, people moved to the bank of the river and settled here. From here the civilization took its birth

Today’s Harappa is 1.5km away from the old site and is now the crossroad town of almost 15,000 people.

Harappa Pakistan, when excavated, there many signs of thousands of years old civilization, culture were found. Old toys, agricultural types of equipment, useable domestic things, idols and the skeleton of dead bodies of Humans, including some animals emerged. 
When archaeologists studied these things and probed, they came to the point that it was their religion to worship the idols, it means they were Hindus at that time. Roads tell us that those people were aware of the importance of roads and the way of travelling.

Harappa Civilization as IVC Civilization

Harappa Civilization: Harappa civilization is also known as the Indus Valley Civilization(IVC) reserving a site. The UN added Harappa in the world Cultural Heritage asset. No excavation is allowed now.

Every year thousands of visitors from all the world travel to Pakistan’s Harappa site to know about the history, culture, and civilization of the ancient people, how they lived, how they worshipped in the past, what was their staple food?

History of Harappa Pakistan:

Harappa civilization history is fascinating. Its roots go to the culture of Balochistan’s area Mehrgarh. Harappa along with another archaeological site of Pakistan, Mohenjo-Daro, emerged around 2600 BC along the Indus River valley, which is both provinces of Pakistan, Punjab, and Sindh.
It’s diverse social and economic system was rediscovered in 1920 during excavations at Harappa in Punjab and Larkana in Sindh. Along with these some other sites were also excavated such as Himalayan Foothills in East Punjab, India to Gujrat in south & east, and the region of Balochistan, Pakistan. These sites were discovered and studied thoroughly by the archaeologists.

Damage to Harappa Pakistan:

Harappa passed through many centuries and got damaged. In ancient times it was the developed city when the whole world people were in search of food the people of Harappa were building big houses. When there was the time of stones, the people of Harappa were using bricks to develop and build homes, baths, roads, and the streets.

Harappa was severely damaged and harmed during the British regime in the subcontinent when they pulled big bricks out of the buildings for the construction of railway track joining Multan and Lahore.

Harappa Amusement Park

An amusement park was decided to make near the Harappa that remained controversial in 2005 that was abandoned later when builders unearthed many artefacts in the early stages of building work. 

Watch a stunning video below shows all about Harappa Pakistan, this video is covering History, culture, and civilization of Harappa. For translation Kindly click on subtitles. The person speaking in the video is speaking in the Urdu language. Urdu-the National Language of Pakistan, where Harappa Pakistan exists.

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