Google’s new flagship phone photos came out, Google’s new launch

Google is introducing smartphone pixels from 2016, yet it seems Google has no much interest to make it devices taking seriously, but now Google’s new flagship phone coming soon

Google, for now, is coming up with Google new flagship phone. Last year pixels 3 phone was equipped designed as a 2 years-old pixel which was off to a great many large bezels given the pixel 3 XL.

Now come through leaked its new pixel 4 XL sketches and know by looking at them that pixel file is like to see the phone on the front and back of the copy of the iPhone 11 introduced this year.

Four series pixel Google is expected to introduce in October but has been leaked to the Wikileaks Twitter user named Ryndrz.
It will be quite big phone cables according to their pixel 4 XL will be 6.25-inch display and bezel are so much in this.

Google also was a bit of camera on the square itself was the highlight of your new phone, including the same.

Google's new flagship phone
Photo courtesy Wikileaks Twitter-Univales

Introduction of Google’s new flagship phone is really catching people

For the first time in this series, on the back, there are tow cameras. While in the series before last year, on the Pixel 3 XL there were two cameras on the front but on the back just one camera.

As new leaks suggest, you get 4 XL pixel images that will be set up on the back of the camera 3 will be moved inside the fingerprint sensor display.

Pixel 4 and pixel by Google 4 XL can be introduced in October this year. This is expected to display and just as True tone controls.

Google’s new flagship phone will really grow the business of Google.

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