Five Best Tourist Places in the World you should Visit!

Tourist Places in the World

Well, you’re with a dream to visit the top five best tourist places in the world. There are a lot of beautiful and enchanting tourist places in the world but some are really remarkable and incline a lot of tourists every year from across the world. That’s why every tourist wants to enjoy and spend … Read more

Concept of Tourism, What is Tourism? Types, and Importance!

Concept of tourism

Concept of Tourism… Tourism is an activity far away from the home for leisure, relaxation, pleasure or recreational purpose during holidays or vacations for learning, research or visiting as a tourist or as a pilgrim. Today, the concept of tourism has become the latest product of social arrangement all over the world. Tourism has surrounded … Read more

Is Hunza Valley Safe to travel for the tourists to travel?

Is Hunza Valley Safe to travel?

Is Hunza Valley safe for the tourists to travel? … is the question of every tourist planning to travel to beautiful Hunza Valley of Pakistan. Yes, Hunza Valley is safe and secure for tourists. Traveling of millions of tourists last year in 218 to Hunza Valley of Pakistan and Naltar Valley – first time observed … Read more

5 Reasons Why India is dangerous to Visit in 2020

Why India is dangerous to visit in 2019

Today’s India has entirely become different than past India. India is dangerous to visit in 2020 due to some hard-hitting and some notorious steps taken by the Indian Government’s Ideology with RSS (a Hindutava Party willing to keep only Hindus in India). Travel to India has become more dangerous than neighbouring countries. There are five … Read more

Naltar Valley Travel Adventure, A Paradise in Pakistan!

Amazing Naltar Valley's Adventure, A Paradis in Pakistan!

The amazing Naltar Valley travel adventure witnesses that “Naltar” is really a paradise in Pakistan. Naltar Valley – a lush green place at 9000 ft above sea level. The Naltar valley is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions valleys in the world, in the North of Pakistan, located near other enchanting valleys of Hunza, … Read more