Naltar Valley Travel Adventure, A Paradise in Pakistan!

Amazing Naltar Valley's Adventure, A Paradis in Pakistan!

The amazing Naltar Valley travel adventure witnesses that “Naltar” is really a paradise in Pakistan. Naltar Valley – a lush green place at 9000 ft above sea level. The Naltar valley is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions valleys in the world, in the North of Pakistan, located near other enchanting valleys of Hunza, … Read more

Prophet of Compassion Muhammad, the Greatest man of History!

Prophet of Compassion Muhammad, the Greatest man of History

Prophet of compassion Muhammad(PBUH), the greatest man ever in history was full of kindness, benevolence, and patience. He(SAW) was compassionate towards everyone and told to be kind. His(SAW) teachings are the real light for every Muslim and Non-Muslim. The last Prophet and messenger of Allah sent to the earth for the guidance of human beings … Read more

Harappa Pakistan, Harappa Culture, Civilization & History

Harappa Pakistan

Introduction About Harappa, Pakistan. Harappa(ہڑپّہ) Pakistan, is a famous archaeological site in Pakistan in Punjab province. The nearest city to Harappa Pakistan is Sahiwal with a distance of 25 Km (about 15 miles). During the times of Indus Civilization, between BC 2600-1900, Harappa was the central hub of all the cities in South Asia covering … Read more

US Visa Application-US Visa Bulletin seeks Social Media details

Facebook Launched first innovation Lab in Pakistan.

US via “US Visa Application Policy Change 2019” Wants Visa Applicants to Submit their Social Media Details US Visa Application requirements seek Social Media Accounts names, emails and phone numbers under usage.According to the state department regulation; All the people with a wish to apply for Visa will have to give their social media details … Read more