5 Reasons Why India is dangerous to Visit in 2020

Why India is dangerous to visit in 2019

Today’s India has entirely become different than past India. India is dangerous to visit in 2020 due to some hard-hitting and some notorious steps taken by the Indian Government’s Ideology with RSS (a Hindutava Party willing to keep only Hindus in India). Travel to India has become more dangerous than neighbouring countries. There are five reasons that our publishers have compiled for you to read before travelling to India.

1. RSS Party Ruling India

BJP( Bhartia Janta Party) which is in Government in India strictly follows the ideology of RSS, that is a fascist Hindutava Party and wants only to keep Hindus in India while pushing all other minorities either to pull out of India or suppressing their rights. As recently, the killing of Muslims, Dalits, Sikhs, Christians and low-cast Hindu Dalits shows their desires. BJP party declared 19lac Muslims in Assam as the foreigners. Their injustice with the Muslim minority in India about Babri Mosque destruction by some RSS Violent goons shows that they have strong ill motives against minorities in India. And this thing has created much unrest in the whole of India as many protests are on roads and police want to suppress them.

2. Article 370 Abbrogation in Kashmir

Kashmir – the disputed territory between Pakistan and India has been the zone of an extensive military zone on earth where almost 8-9 lac Indian army exists. Kashmir is a disputed territory between Pakistan and India. During the partition of the subcontinent into India and Pakistan, it was declared that Muslim majority regions will go with Pakistan and Hindu majority regions will go with India.

Kashmir being the Muslim majority region was the right of Pakistan to keep with it, but the Raja(head) of Kashmir was not Muslim signed an agreement with India that India will provide protection for some time against the invaders and then Kashmir will decide where Kashmir wants to go with. Pakistan claimed that according to the rule of the majority, Kashmir belongs to Pakistan as Kashmir is Muslim majority state. But India deployed its army into Kashmir and occupied it forcefully. A strong war happened and Pakistan got Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan from Indian occupied army region.

After a war between the two powers in 1948, the issue came into the United Nations. The United Nation passed a resolution that only Kashmiris will decide whether they go with Pakistan or India. Both states agreed. But later on, India deployed its army and started killing Muslims and occupied Kashmir. On 5 August 2019 India abrogated that article-370 which clarifies that Kashmir is not part of India. Doing this India illegally and wanted to make Kashmir as part of India. It has again created much tensions between Pakistan and India regarding Kashmir.

Now Kashmiris are again protesting against India as this is their right and they want to come with Pakistan. India has a fear that this time Kashmir will no longer be with India and therefore communication lockdown has been imposed in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir. That is why India is dangerous to Visit in 2020. All tourists have left Kashmir and other regions of India as violence is on the peaks in India these days.

3. Nagaland Freedom Movement

People of Nagaland who are famous as Nagas want freedom from India. Just like in Jammu & Kashmir, India also occupied Nagaland a free state in 1947. Nagas are struggling from day one against India, and this thing also disturbing India these days. Because Nagas think that India will do the same with Nagaland and deploy more army in our state and kill ous people just it happened in Jammu & Kashmir. Nagaland activists in India, in Nagaland and Nagas on other parts of the world, stand with Nagaland’s right of self-determination. This is the reason India is dangerous to Visit in 2020.

4. Mob Lynching in India

Mob lynching in India is more common and has increased in India in 2020. Hindutva extremists with the ideology of RSS, wherever and whenever find any group with opposite views they start to mob lynch them and beat badly. Sometimes, it causes killings. They enforce people especially Muslims to raise logans for their gods ( Ram Ram). RSS Hindutava extremists mob lynch and kill all those Muslims who are with the cow. Hindus consider cow as their sacred animal, whereas Muslims grow cows, drink their milk and eat beef. This thing has created unrest in minorities in India which is the main cause of why India is dangerous to Visit in 2020.

5. Khalistan Movement in India

Khalistan movement is the movement organized by the Sikh minority in India. Sikhs believe that at the time of partition of the subcontinent between Pakistan and India, Khalistan – a separate state, was the right of Sikhs. But, as India occupied other states by force, Indian Punjab was also forcefully merged into India. People of Indian Punjab who are with the majority of Sikhs want a separate state namely Khalistan. That is why they have declared a Khalistan Referendum 2020. Due to this referendum in India which is going to happen in India in 2020, has created immense unrest in India. And violent protests can be seen. These are the reasons why India is dangerous to Visit in 2020.

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