10 Amazing Facts of Chemistry to Remember!

10 Amazing facts of chemistry to remember

Here is a list of 10 amazing facts of chemistry to remember for everyone. You all have read chemistry as a minor subject or as a major or you’re in the race of getting a degree in chemistry in your graduation or under graduation. Here’re some interesting chemistry facts that are really funny & amazing to know;

Elements occuring in liquid state in Chemistry

Mercury(Hg) and bromine(Br) are the elements that exist in the liquid state at room temperature. These are the only two elements in chemistry that always exist in the liquid state at room temperature that is 25℃ (degree Celsius). Whenever you had a fever and visited the hospital, the doctor checked your fever with a thermometer – having some liquid substance in it. This liquid substance (a metal) is the mercury with a symbol “Hg”.

The second one is bromine that exists in the liquid state at room temperature. Bromine is mostly used in agricultural fertilizers, agricultural products, insecticides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and many other chemical reactions in chemistry.

Only Letter that does not appear on Periodic Table

The only letter of English Language that does not exist in the Periodic Table in chemistry is “J”. You’ll not find the letter “J” in the periodic table of elements. This is a very interesting thing, as all other letters of English Language have some use in the elements’names in the Periodic Table.

Lightning and Production of Ozone

You know that ozone is a very beneficial gas in the stratosphere that protects us all from the harmful radiation from the sun. But, an interesting fact about ozone is that whenever lightning occurs during rain or in a photocopy machine during copying, ozone gas is produced. However, ozone here in the lower region of the atmosphere that is troposphere below the stratosphere is not good for health. Ozone is only beneficial in the stratosphere region of the atmosphere that lies above the troposphere.

Non-Silvery Metals in Chemistry

The only non-silvery metals in the chemistry are copper(Cu) and gold(Au). Copper is a metal and used in wires and other electrical purposes. Gold is a very beautiful and precious metal used for making ornaments.

A glass of Water and Space

You know that if we put the glass of water in a cold icy environment it will freeze. However, in space instead of freezing in the critically cold environment, the water in the glass starts boiling.

Glass is not a Solid

It’s very interesting to know that glass is not solid, glass is, in fact, a liquid. The molecules arranged in the glass structure do move but very very slow. This is why glass is also famous as amorphous solid.

Hydrogen is 13.5 billion years old

Your body is composed of many elements and hydrogen is one of them that makes almost 10% of your body mass. Every hydrogen atom that exists and is involved in making body mass of you, is almost 13.5 billion years old and it’s the age that started from the time of Bing Bang.

Oil and Water don’t mixup

Oil and water don’t mixup, the reason is that oil is a non-polar substance whereas water is a polar substance. And this is all according to the universal rule of chemistry that, “Like dissolves like”.

Gallium Melts in Hand due to warmth

It’s very interesting, that even gallium is solid at room temperature, but it melts quickly when you’ll put gallium in the hands. It’s due to the warmth of hands.

Only 92 Elements are Naturally occurring

Although total elements discovered so far are 118, according to the periodic table of chemistry. However, out of these 118, only 92 are naturally occurring, and others 126 are artificial elements.

Hope these 10 Amazing Facts of Chemistry you’ll remember and find useful in your studies.

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